Arachnid Mobile Phone Cooler
Arachnid Mobile Phone Cooler
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Arachnid Mobile Phone Cooler

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Modern mobile games can be very demanding on your phone and can cause them to overheat, thankfully there is the Arachnid Mobile Phone Cooler. It has an 8-bladed fan that is very powerful to deliver strong cooling winds to your phone. Simply attach the cooler using the 4 strong suction cups, plug it into a USB power source, and let it work its magic on your mobile phone. No more worries about it overheating, just play or watch as much as you want. 

Product Specification:

  • Size: 76*63*20mm/2.99*2.48*0.79in
  • Power supply: USB powered
  • Fan speed: 4700 rpm
  • Material: ABS + silicone
  • Rated voltage: DC5V