About Us


With the advancement of mobile phone technology in world today, you can also see the continued rise of mobile gaming. It's unbelievable growth is a testament to the allure of mobile gaming, not just for young people but seemingly for all ages around the world.

We are part of these statistics. We love gaming, from consoles to PCs, from simple MOBAs to first person shooters. And because we love them, we also understand the needs of common gamers. From better controllers, to headsets, even coolers and phone battery life. Each and every accessory that is wanted, needed, that can enhance the gaming experience. We understand how it affects the game, the gamer for we have lived through it. Now, to help our other co-gamers, our group of friends collaborated to sift through the available accessories, to assess their effectiveness and worth, and then compile them in one single place so you do not have to go anywhere else. 

Phone Gaming HQ is your mecca for anything and everything mobile gaming. We want the most effective but not necessarily the most expensive. Accessories the pros can appreciate, but can be bought by a newbie and be satisfied with it. 

We are Phone Gaming HQ, the headquarters for your mobile gaming accessories! Upgrade your gaming experience with us and through us!