How to prevent your phone from heating excessively

There can be several reasons behind an overheated phone. In fact, overheated phones are not that rare these days as many individuals try to make the maximum use of their devices. High-end applications, online games, and so many other aspects can contribute to overheating. That said, knowing how to control or prevent overheating of your phone is exceptionally important. Mentioned below are some of the most important points you should remember to do so. 

  • Don’t expose your phone to direct sunlight
  • One of the most common reasons behind an overheated phone is exposing it to direct sunlight. Just keep your phone away from direct sunlight and that’s not hard at all. 

  • Get rid of unused apps
  • Do you have unused apps on your device? Delete them. Also, close the apps that run in the background. When multiple apps run simultaneously, the device will have to put a lot of strain on its hardware. As a result, the device will heat up. So, closing down background apps will solve the issue. 

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen 
  • The next tip is to reduce the brightness of the screen. All you need is to reduce the screen brightness to a lower level so there will be less strain on the battery. As a result, you will experience better battery life as well. 

  • Use a phone cooler when playing games
  • It is always better to use a phone cooler when you perform high-end tasks with your device. For instance, when you play games on your device, use a phone cooler to avoid overheating. 

  • Put the device in airplane mode
  • Just put your device on airplane mode and leave it aside for a while to cool down. 

  • Remove the case 
  • After noticing a significant overheat, remove the case of the phone immediately. That will cool down your phone faster and efficiently. 

    Cooling down a phone that is already hot

    If your phone is already hot and you need an immediate solution, try the solutions mentioned below until you find a technician. 

  • Update your device 
  • Make sure that you update your device’s OS to its latest version. Also, you should update the apps that are installed on your device. While helping the device to cool down, it will increase the efficiency of the device. 

  • Detach the peripherals 
  • If the device is already connected with other peripherals such as data cables, external devices, PC, etc. be sure to remove them all. 

  • Don’t expose your device to sudden temperature changes
  • In some cases, you might feel like keeping your phone inside a refrigerator for a couple of minutes if it is overheated. However, that’s not the best idea as we know. If you expose the device to extreme temperatures within a very short period, sensitive components might get damaged. Also, putting it on the refrigerator might make the device collect moisture. 

    So, be sure to keep those points in mind and prolong the life of your smartphone.